Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys use questions designed to measure how passionate employees feel about their jobs, how committed they are to their employer, and their likeliness to stay with that employer for the long haul. You want to encourage the highest work product, increase customer satisfaction, and attract then retain great employees. To do so, you need the highest levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.

Before you can improve, you must first measure. Download the Employee Engagement Checklist to kick off your efforts.

Benefits of Employee Surveys

When you work with us, your employees enjoy a comfortable and confidential environment to share their feedback while you enjoy an easy process that provides you with actionable data reports, so you can see problems coming, take action to improve company culture and increase employee engagement over time. Most of our customers continue to benchmark year-over-year data against previous data sets and use Pulse Surveys to get a mid-year read on progress against their goals.

Our Survey Process

Step One: Get all the Facts in Our Fact-Finding Call

The best process begins with a conversation to suss out the right setup, timing, and price for your survey. We’ll ask you a ton of questions to help us get to the bottom of what you need and how we can help. This step is an hour-long phone call in which we not only determine the best solutions for you, but demo the survey and reporting for you and have some great conversation. You’ll leave the call with answers to all your questions. If the survey project we recommend feels like the right fit for you, we’ll move onto the next step in our process.

Step Two: Get the Proposal Document You Need

This 15-minute call with screen sharing is a time to get your proposal document set up just the way you like it. By the time you reach step two, you will already have all the information you need for decision making: the timeline, process, deliverables, and pricing. The proposal document that we perfect in this short call, however, is what you’ll use to share the survey project details with your colleagues. You’ll leave this call with a PDF you feel great about.

Step Three: Set Up the Perfect Survey Project

If you decide to move forward with your proposed employee survey project, then we’ll sign an agreement and generate your Employee Survey Launch Workbook. Each workbook contains a series of tabs that detail the particulars of your project. The tabs from our sample workbook are detailed below:

1. Timeline and survey team’s contact information

2. Terms and deliverables, including your reporting package

3. IT Specs for your online survey (when applicable)

4. Customized language for the invite we’ll send to employees with email addresses (when applicable)

5. Customized demographics, to match the setup of your organization

6. Employee list, pre-assigned with workplace demographics (so you can take action in relevant employee groups, to improve over time)

7. Invoice and W-9

Step Four: Be an Internal Communications Wizard

We recommend best practices for communications and then hook you up with what you need to get it done.

1. Email an announcement to the leadership team

2. Share not just survey logistics, but the context for why it matters when you mention the survey in staff meetings

3. Hang posters in common areas to promote survey participation

4. Send an announcement from the human resources team a week or two in advance

5. Send an email (or posted letter) from the CEO the day before the survey launch date.

Step Five: Get the Most Out of Your Process

After you receive your employee feedback reports, we help you get the most out of your data by providing you with a reports analysis call. Best attended by executive leadership and human resources, we’ll identify not just strengths and weaknesses in the areas of employee satisfaction, but what’s driving employee engagement at your organization. When we complete this call, you’ll know exactly what two or three things you’ll want to take action on to improve employee engagement over time.

Why Choose Best Employee Surveys

We are an employee survey provider with more than 15 years of experience and collected data. Our consultants administer recognized survey tools and deliver comprehensive reporting you can trust. Customizable survey options ensure that your organization is capturing job satisfaction data in the most effective way for your reporting needs.

As the research firm behind Best Places to Work programs, we administer a huge volume of Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys. We surveyed more than 6,000 employers and their 1,000,000+ employees last year. You can feel good about using our extensive database as a comparative benchmark for your results; it is of the highest quality and is also used to support trending analyses and ongoing research performed by a number of scholars, authors, and presenters worldwide.

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