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We look forward to receiving the [Employee and Employer Benchmark Reports] each year and use them to look for areas where we can improve. Our survey results have been used to form taskforces, improve our mentor program, create new perks and shape sessions offered at our PKF University.
Raissa Evans
PKF Texas
Best Companies to Work for in Texas
…The program allows us to collect direct feedback about key employee engagement indicators. The results are analyzed and used to modify our approach to certain policies and processes, as well as to affect positive change throughout our organization. …
Lisa Mondello
SRC, Inc.
Best Companies to Work for in Texas
Square Root has been on the Best Companies to Work for in Texas list for two years now. It has been a great experience overall, as our employees take pride in working for a company that has been recognized with such an exclusive group!
Mary Field
Square Root
Best Companies to Work for in Texas
The Best Companies to Work for in Texas program has provided invaluable insight into the things that matter the most to our employees. Receiving their honest feedback helps [us to] make continuous improvements as we strive to build and maintain a world-class work environment.
Debra Boopsingh
Best Companies to Work for in Texas
Protiviti values the Best Companies to Work for in Texas survey for the feedback it provides us about our employees’ thoughts and work experiences, as we are continually aiming to improve the workplace for our people.

Best Companies to Work for in Texas
If you register or get nominated for this award, you will definitely want to take advantage of the feedback tool. It is a great way to see how your team members really view the company in different areas to help retain the people you have. It let us know what we were doing right and what we can improve on. We could also drill down to if an issue was companywide or only in certain areas. I highly recommend this program to others.
Sonya Fryar
Milestone Electric, Air and Security
Best Companies to Work for in Texas
The [Employee Feedback Report] provides extremely valuable information that we use to continuously cultivate a positive environment.
Melissa Meeker
Improving Enterprises, Inc.
Best Companies to Work for in Texas
Entering the Best Companies to Work for in Texas program has been instrumental in the success of HCSS. When we first entered many years ago, we did not do well and it hurt to see what employees had to say about us. However, we used the [Employee Feedback Report] to improve our management and practices and eventually made the list. We have now made the “Best Companies to Work for in Texas” list 8 years in a row.
Sophie Rydin
Best Companies to Work for in Texas
The Best Companies to Work for in Texas program allowed us at Harbor America to see what each employee truly valued, as well as some areas that we can work on.
Heather Lowery
Harbor America
Best Companies to Work for in Texas
The Best Companies to Work for in Texas survey allowed us to gain insight on where to focus our efforts for continuous improvement as well as the areas that we are doing a good job.
Traci Bowen
First Choice Emergency Room
Best Companies to Work for in Texas
The Best Companies Group gave us the opportunity to look deep within our organization to uncover what matters most to our employees and why. As a company that thrives on culture and engagement, we’re applying what we’ve learned to create a clear path and a plan that is  paved with ideas from every level of our organization. That dynamic will continue to will help us brand and grow from the inside out, and it’s a beautiful thing.
Kim Atkinson
Mark-Taylor Residential
Best Places to Work in Multifamily
Gables is proud to be nominated for such a distinguished award. This award encompasses everything we strive to do every day not only for our customers, but also for our associates, investors and community. This helps to reaffirm that what we work towards every day is recognized and valued by our industry. We are #GablesProud!
Sue Ansel
Best Places to Work in Multifamily
The Best Places to Work Survey provided Benson’s leadership with authentic and honest feedback from our internal employee partners. I am encouraged and motivated by what we are doing really well and by the people-centered opportunities to improve going forward.
Brian Benson

Best Places to Work in Multifamily
We are humbled and very proud to have been chosen by our team as one of the finalists for the 2017 Best Places to Work in Multifamily,” says president Lesley Brice, “Submitting for this award allowed us to shine a light on what makes MC special – our incredible team. They all play an important role in MC’s positive workplace culture that encourages collaboration, philanthropy, diversity and career development, but most importantly, genuine care for our customers.”
Lesley Brice

Best Places to Work in Multifamily
Drucker & Falk is honored to be a finalist in the 2017 Best Places to Work Multifamily. We know that in order to optimize the performance of the apartment communities entrusted to our care, resident satisfaction and employee engagement are inextricably linked. Our third generation partners continue the traditions of encouraging employee feedback, sustaining a culture of “we” and communicating in real time on meaningful topics with employees, clients and residents. As we look to the future, we are pleased to work with Multifamily Leadership as a partner and an objective assessor of our performance.
Jim Ledbetter
Drucker & Falk
Best Places to Work in Multifamily
We pride ourselves on providing clients our industry expertise and a serious commitment to the success of their assets. We would not be able to do so without the dedication and strength of our employees. The Best Places to Work in Multifamily Program has allowed us even more insight into the opinions and thoughts of our employees and how we can better serve them - ensuring their engagement and overall happiness at work.
Scott Wilder
Lincoln Property Company
Best Places to Work in Multifamily
On the Employee Feedback Report, seeing the breakdown for each question by length of service, job role and department shed light on specific areas that need  attention.
Jana Frazier
IMT Residential
Best Places to Work in Multifamily
Receiving the Employee Feedback Report provides our firm and the partners an opportunity for change if needed. The anonymous employee responses allows us hear what is important to our team members and allows our firm to become the very best we can be.
Rose Breuss
McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C.
Best Accounting Firms to Work for
We are thrilled to participate in the Best Places to Work’survey and process. We have received significant positive press, recognition from many sources, and increased candidate flow as a result of making the Best Places to Work list. Each week, we hear from applicants, career seekers and even receive unsolicited comments from strangers we meet at events, that they have seen the award and now connect the Dr. Reddy’s name to the award. It has helped our brand immeasurably and our employees know when the recruiters call, that they can work somewhere else. But why would they?
Stephen Prentiss
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Inc.
Best Places to Work in NJ
Our firm was thrilled to be named one of Pensions & Investments’ Best Places to Work in Money Management in 2016.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that employees are happy.  But one of the greatest values came from purchasing our Employee Feedback Report last year.  The report gave us anonymous and candid feedback from employees. Many of the employee suggestions were used to make positive changes at the firm. The Feedback Report was one of the best investments we have ever made!  While the recognition of the award means a lot to us, the data is the hidden value.
Gilbert Garcia
Garcia Hamilton & Associates, L.P.
Best Places to Work in Money Management
We appreciate the easy accessibility and quality conversations was have with Best Companies Group. They have gone the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction with our employee survey. They’re easy to do business with, friendly and kind, and they’ve looked for ways to save us dollars. Additionally, they’ve managed to keep the data simple, yet valuable. We plan to work with BCG again this year.
Dan Hendricks
Spartan Motors, Inc.
Independent employee survey project
It really is a pleasure working with Best Companies Group. They are very professional and friendly. The survey elicits helpful information, and the results are delivered and explained in an easy-to-use format.
Leah Kosnack Fennell
Shepley Wood Products
Independent employee survey project
We received valuable employee data reports from Best Companies Group. We’re looking forward to working with them again next year.
Allison Bauer
New York Road Runners
Independent employee survey project

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