Best Places to Work Programs
Quick Look at the Process

Our Process for Partners

  • BCG creates a program website where organizations can gather information and register for the program
  • BCG sends organizations confirmation of registration along with program instructions, including a timeline with all deadlines and expectations for the program
  • BCG sets up the two parts of the survey process – the Employer Benefits and Policies Questionnaire and Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Surveys – and administers both parts for participating organizations
  • BCG weighs the information gathered in the two-part survey process, then sorts and analyzes the collected data to determine the list of the “Best Places to Work”
  • BCG delivers the list to our partners, who approve the rankings
  • BCG communicates to organizations whether or not they have made the list
  • BCG sends Employee Feedback Reports to each organization*
  • The media partner creates a special publication honoring the list-making organizations and may host an event to reveal the rankings
  • BCG posts the rankings, or posts a link to our partner’s website, after the partner has revealed the final rankings

Our Process for Participating Organizations

  • Organizations register through the program website by the program registration deadline
  • BCG sends confirmation of registration and instructions to organizations within 24 hours of submission, and creates and sends invoices for program costs within 30 days (if applicable)
  • Organizations complete the first part of the survey process, the Employer Benefits and Policies Questionnaire (EQ), where BCG gathers important information about organization policies, practices and demographics
  • Organization employees complete surveys via online or traditional paper survey methods, according to the organization’s selection at registration
  • When the survey process ends, BCG sorts and analyzes the gathered data and determines the “Best Places to Work” list
  • Organizations receive notification as to whether or not they made the list
  • Organizations receive their Employee Feedback Reports within a month of receiving the notification (if applicable)*
  • The media partner produces a special publication highlighting organizations named to the “Best” list, or holds a special awards gala to reveal the rankings

*Organizations participating in the free programs have the opportunity to purchase the Employee Feedback Report throughout the process.  Organizations will receive the report according to the date of purchase.

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