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What We Do

At Best Companies Group, we work with local media and publishing partners to establish “Best Places to Work” programs in order to identify and recognize organizations in a defined geographical area or industry that successfully create and maintain workplace excellence.

How We Identify

Best Companies Group collaborates with our local program partners to publicize the “Best Places to Work” opportunities available in a region (city, state, or country) or industry. Organizations then register for the program and submit information through a two-part survey process. The first part of the survey process collects general organization information and the second part of the survey process collects feedback from organization employees. Best Companies Group weights each portion of the process and then analyzes the information to produce a “Best” list.

How We Recognize

Best Companies Group and our program partners take an active and enthusiastic approach when it comes time to announce the organizations who are among the “best of the best” at creating and maintaining workplace excellence. Many of our partners reveal the rankings of the “Best Places to Work” at award galas and all partners publish the rankings through traditional media and/or web publications.

What We Provide

All participating organizations have the opportunity to receive an in-depth data analysis report, referred to as the Employee Feedback Report, which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of their workplaces. The report consists of data gathered through the two-part survey process for each organization, as well as across all program participants. By reviewing their own confidential employee scores and comments, as well as program comparison reports, organizations can find areas to focus their efforts in order to build a better workplace.

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How the Process Works

Once Best Companies Group has established partnerships for a “Best Places to Work” program, local media and publishing partners begin promotion. Best Companies Group then starts accepting registrations through a website built exclusively for each program and sends survey information and instructions to each organization that registers. To ensure program success, Best Companies Group serves as the main customer service point of contact for all participating organizations throughout the process.

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