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Benefits of Participating

When an organization appears on the Best Places to Work list, management, employees, and other stakeholders feel an overwhelming sense of pride within the organization. Many will use the survey program name and logo to create and internally distribute shirts, pins and other kinds of promotional items. The Best Places to Work award affirms an employees' sense of belonging within the organization, therefore increasing employee retention.

Public Relations and Marketing Advantages

Organizations named to the Best Places to Work list can see a tremendous impact on any marketing they conduct. They can use the distinction to enhance their employee recruiting efforts, increase the effectiveness of the organization’s general marketing, and improve their reputation in the community, state, or industry.

Employee Feedback Data: Empowering Management

The results of the survey process prove an invaluable tool for any participating organization, even if they do not make the list. After completion of the survey process, all participating organizations have the option to receive the BCG Insights Report package, which includes employee feedback for each survey question, employee comments, and aggregate organizational benchmarks all in an interactive online Reportal. Benchmarking data allows organizations to compare their scores to the overall averages of both the list-making organizations as well as all program participants. To conduct this kind of in-depth research independently would normally cost between $5,000 and $10,000 in consulting fees. To view samples of the Insights Report package and explore our interactive Reportal, please click on Our Tools.

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