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Valuable Data from Valued People: How Best Places to Work Can Impact Your Company Culture

The survey for Best Places to Work in Arkansas is one of the smartest investments our company makes, and the results have changed our workplace. By participating, we received right-from-the-employees data for a cost of about $645. The management value of this information is worth exponentially more. Do we rank perfectly in every category? No. […]

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Employee Retention in the Age of Feedback

When an organization loses a key employee there is often a palpable sense of betrayal.  How could she leave after everything the organization had done for her?  Where’s the loyalty? Employee retention is an ever-present concern for most organizations.  The tangible costs (i.e. recruiter fees, delays/missed opportunities, higher salaries and benefits) as well as intangible […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a No-Layoff Policy

Organizations that value employee engagement have much to gain by adopting a no-layoff policy. This game-changing, people policy assures employees that the organization will not issue pink slips when the economy goes south. A no-layoff policy provides one more competitive advantage for best places to work. During the great recession, a small business owner in […]

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Engaged Employees – The Power of Three

The term “enablement” can have two very different connotations. The first, and more commonly used, describes behavior that is intended to resolve a specific problem, but instead exacerbates that problem. Like when it’s raining and my dog doesn’t want to go outside to do his business for fear of getting wet. I take him down […]

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Recognition by Example

When is the last time you received a handwritten thank you note? It was probably in response to a gift you gave someone for a birthday party, bridal shower or wedding. Those are expected. But have you ever received a thank you note from your boss? Those are less likely to happen, unless you worked at Campbell Soup. After taking over as Campbell Soup’s CEO in 2001, a time when revenue and employee engagement were in decline, Doug Conant spent time every night writing thank you cards to 10-20 employees whose contributions came to his attention that day. That’s around 30,000 handwritten cards over the course of the 10 years Conant spent turning around the business and re-invigorating company morale.

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Understanding BCG’s 8 Core Focus Areas Blog Series Part 5

Understanding BCG’s 8 Core Focus Areas of Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Feature Blog Series Part 5 – Relationship with Supervisor

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4 Words YOU Should Say to Enhance Engagement in the Workplace

Have you ever asked your employees for help? Maybe someone in your office excels at working with Excel, or someone else has the ability to make your boring Power Point slides stand out at the next board meeting. Asking an employee four simple words, “Can you help me?”, can help to build that employee’s morale. […]

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5 Staff Engagement Ideas that Boost Morale

School is back in session for many students and one of my best friends was recently hired to teach fifth grade. When asked if fifth grade was a tough age group to work with she said, “Not really. The hardest part is keeping them engaged all day.” Her comment brought to mind how important engagement […]

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