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Employee Retention in the Age of Feedback

When an organization loses a key employee there is often a palpable sense of betrayal.  How could she leave after everything the organization had done for her?  Where’s the loyalty? Employee retention is an ever-present concern for most organizations.  The tangible costs (i.e. recruiter fees, delays/missed opportunities, higher salaries and benefits) as well as intangible […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a No-Layoff Policy

Organizations that value employee engagement have much to gain by adopting a no-layoff policy. This game-changing, people policy assures employees that the organization will not issue pink slips when the economy goes south. A no-layoff policy provides one more competitive advantage for best places to work. During the great recession, a small business owner in […]

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’Tis the Season for Annual Salary Adjustments – Part One

’Tis the season for giving raises! Fa-la-la-la-laaaahhhh-la-la-la-lah! Wouldn’t it be great if sitting down to discuss annual salary adjustments were this joyous? Our managers may not break into song this year, but we are arming them with more information and a different context to remove some of the anxiety. This is the first installment in […]

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The Link Between Happiness and Gratitude

When you’re grateful to someone, do you tell them? It turns out that if you do, you could be on your way to becoming happier. Studies have found that, whether expressed in the written word or in person, gratitude increases happiness and “pro-social” behavior that enables people to be empathetic and generous. In this video, an […]

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Engaged Employees – The Power of Three

The term “enablement” can have two very different connotations. The first, and more commonly used, describes behavior that is intended to resolve a specific problem, but instead exacerbates that problem. Like when it’s raining and my dog doesn’t want to go outside to do his business for fear of getting wet. I take him down […]

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Understanding BCG’s 8 Core Focus Areas Blog Series Part 8

Understanding BCG’s 8 Core Focus Areas of Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Feature Blog Series Part 8 – Overall Engagement

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Conducting a Successful Employee Engagement Survey

When I think back on all the jobs I’ve ever held, the ones that stick out in my mind are the ones where I was an engaged employee. I was truly invested in the work I was doing, had meaningful relationships with my coworkers and felt that the things I did on a daily basis were helping the company reach a broader goal.

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Company Pride and Engaged Employees at Geneca

Best Companies Group has the privilege of working with thousands of companies across the US during our many “Best Places to Work” programs. We often work with companies that already strive day after day to increase employee engagement and encourage employees to feel a sense of company pride. Often, companies go above and beyond when it comes to making employees feel proud of their company and create programs and projects designed to enhance employee morale.

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Understanding BCG’s 8 Core Focus Areas Blog Series Part 4

In order to truly understand what makes a company a great place to work, it is important to explore, evaluate and improve several different aspects of the employee experience. Best Companies Group manages more than 40 “Best Places to Work”, “Best Employers” or “Best Companies” programs. We use an employee survey that has 8 very distinct areas of evaluation. We call them our “8 Core Focus Areas” of employee engagement and satisfaction. We have created this blog series to explore each of those “8 Core Focus Areas.”

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Employee Comments: Employees and their Pets at Work

Pet lovers are rejoicing across the country as more employers are allowing employees to bring their pets to work. More importantly, most employers aren’t simply opening up a doggie daycare, but they are seeing the benefits that come with allowing employees to bring their furry friends into the office.

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